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The Lion's Den

Daniël and Suzina Durvers are not just ordinary children living in an ordinary house. No, they live in the middle of Durvers’ Zoo together with their parents, their little sister Littel, and their grandfather. As it happens, Daniël and Suzina’s father is the director of the zoo, which has already existed for almost 100 years. The zoo has always been handed down from father to son. It is therefore implied that Daniël will succeed his father as the director, but as far as Daniël is concerned, that decision is still very remote.

A long time ago, grandfather built a tree house at a secret place in the zoo. The Almost-Invisible-Path leads to it. This tree house – The Lion’s Den – is now the domain of Daniël and Suzina.

For Daniël and Suzina the zoo is home but also a place where, behind every corner and in every animal home, an adventure awaits. What other child has sleepovers with the monkeys, gets to feed the makis, or watch the lions from really, really up-close. Living in a zoo, how cool is that?


The Lion's Den was broadcast in the Netherlands in the fall of 2013 by the TROS on Z@PP.

Producers: Johan Nijenhuis, Ingmar Menning
Director: Diede in 't Veld
Screenwriters: Sander de Regt, Aliefka Bijlsma