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A large part of West Flanders and a much larger part of the Netherlands are below sea level. By increasing rain, melting polar ice caps and overflowing rivers, the risk of a major flood is a real threat. This ambitious six-part series, showcases different levels of society in the Netherlands and Belgium. During the disaster we follow various characters: like the Dutch prime minister and his stubborn wife, a twelve year old girl who loses her mother. An accomplished concert violinist and a car dealer who is underinsured. A prisoner and his guard and a woman who steps out of the shadow of her mother and her criminal husband.
The Swell sucks us into the drama of how a disastrous flood brings out both the worst and the best in mankind.


The Swell was broadcast in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2016 by NPO1.

Producers: JOCO Media in co-production with Menuet BVBA
Director: Hans Herbots
Screenwriters: Karin van der Meer, Maarten Lebens
Story contributions: Pieter Bart Korthuis