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Summer Without Mom

Suzan (10) spends the summer vacation with her grandmother, because her mother – Connie – is a war correspondent in Syria.
Suzan visits the recently built refugee camp near grandmothers house. One girl (Rana, also 10) stands out. She is wearing brightly colored clothes. Suzan is fascinated by her, to the displeasure of her friends. Suzan does not care about them and she befriends Rana. The Syrian girl loves to talk about her life in Syria, but when Suzan asks Rana to tell her something about her parents, Rana quickly changes the subject.
One night, Grandma gets a phone call. Connie has disappeared. Suzan is distraught, but keeps strong in front of others. When Suzan is on the beach with Rana, she eventually breaks down in tears. She tells Rana that her mother is missing, and again asks for the story of Rana's parents. Rana freezes, but she knows she has to tell it. That night, Rana stays over. In the middle of the night the phone rings again: Connie has been found.
When Connie has returned home, they visit the swimmingpool. While eating ice cream, Rana nervously pulls out a letter. Oma reads the letter and explains that Rana can stay in the Netherlands, but has to go to another refugeecamp. One on the other side of the country, far away from Suzan. Although they are split up, they will stay friends for life.


Summer Without Mom is a television movie in co-production with KRO-NRCV.

Producer: JOCO Media
Director: Sanne Vogel
Screenwriter: Kate Brown
Broadcast: Since February 2019