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Summer With Rana

Suzan (10) spends her summer with her grandmother, because her mother – Connie – is a war correspondent in Syria. 

Near Grandma’s house, a temporary refugee camp has been built. One girl stands out. She wears peculiar clothing, and seems like a gypsy out of a fairy tale. Suzan is instantly fascinated by her, much to the dismay of her friends Joke and Simone. They think the new kids are intruders and would rather quarrel with them than become friends. But Suzan disregards their attitude and embarks on more and more adventures with Rana. Rana talks a lot about her life as a gypsy in Syria and Suzan shows her new friend the best spots in the area. Rana is even invited over for pancakes at Grandma’s. An intense friendship grows. 

One night, Grandma receives a phone call: Connie has disappeared in a war zone. Suzan is distraught. But then Rana and Suzan turn out to have much more in common than just their favourite flavour of ice-cream, and they help each other in their summer without mum.


Summer With Rana is a television movie in co-production with KRO-NRCV.

Producer: JOCO Media
Director: Sanne Vogel
Screenwriter: Kate Brown
Broadcast: Since February 2019