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Production services / Cash Rebate

Johan Nijenhuis & Co and JOCO Media offer production services in The Netherlands to foreign producers.

In the spring of 2014, Dutch government established a production incentive of 20 million euros which enables foreign producers to rebate up to 30% of their (cash) production expenditures in the Netherlands.
We are well equipped to set up the appropriate facilities and paperwork in order for foreign producers to access this 30% rebate on production expenses.

Either we can act as your foreign production company, or co-producer, or you can commission our company for specific production activities. These include securing locations, contracting crew, arranging for visas and permits, legal and accounting services, post-production services, and so on.

We ourselves have gained considerable experience abroad through our various foreign shoots. Countries we have worked in are Spain, Germany, Portugal, UK, Finland, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Poland, India, Argentina, USA and South Africa. In other words, we understand the concerns you might have when preparing for a shoot abroad. Apart from that, we are reputed for providing a high production value at a fast pace. Each of our producers draws on over twenty years of experience. Ingmar Menning and Johan Nijenhuis have produced over 40 feature films and TV series.

If you need advice or have any questions about the cash-rebate facilities and/or shooting in the Netherlands,
feel free to contact us:   send e-mail.