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Men from Mars

Three former school friends return to Marsman College for a high school reunion. Their lives have changed considerably in 25 years, but 40 is the new 20 (right?) and all men get better with age … or do they? Edwin is still a chick magnet, but his friends have their issues. Mark’s wife has traded him in for a younger model and family man Peter is wrestling with his masculinity since having to wear reading glasses. How do the men deal with these things? Do they simply grab some beers, avoid talking, pat themselves on the back and drink away their hangovers with more booze? Or will things have changed now they are over 40?


Producers: Johan Nijenhuis en Ingmar Menning
Director: Hans Somers
Script adaptation: Hans Somers
With special thanks to Ger Apeldoorn, Frank Houtappels en Eric van Sauers for their script contributions.
Distribution: Entertainment One Benelux
Release: 8 March 2018

Men from Mars is based on the Danish movie 'Klassefesten'.