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Loving Ibiza

On the island where people in their forties want to be in their thirties, those in their thirties want to be in their twenties, and those in their twenties have lost all direction, an ensemble of characters fall in love with the wrong men, the right people, and with Ibiza.

In short: eleven people, four stories, and one island. Everyone comes to Ibiza with their own plans. However, in essence, everyone faces the same challenge. In a light-footed and comical way, four couples experience the universal desire to be something that is not – or no longer – possible, and will have to find out what will come in the place of it.


Producers: Johan Nijenhuis & Co, Farmhouse TV & Film
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Screenwriters: Tijs van Marle, Annelou Verboon, Maarten Lebens
Distribution: A-Film
Release: 31 January 2013

Awards: Gouden Film / Platina Film