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Fuchsia the Mini Witch

Sometimes a great adventure starts with a small egg. That’s what the wizard Kwark discovered when he found an egg in the Witches’ forest. Out came a little girl instead of a brid. A special girl. She is a mini witch, whom he calls Fuchsia.

Fuchsia flies on a hand broom (she is too small for a real witches’ broom) and causes trouble in the Witches’ forest. She often gives her father Kwark headaches. Fuchsia is curious about the world of humans. It is a world that Kwark wants nothing to do with because humans are dangerous. However, when Fuchsia sees the little boy Tommy in the forest, her curiosity wins over Kwark’s warnings. Then, Fuchsia discovers Tommy’s uncle Roger wants to chop the trees in the Witches’ forest in order to build a highway. It leaves her only one option: Fuchsia will have to save the Witches’ forest and can only do so with Tommy’s help.


Fuchsia the Mini Witch is based on the book 'Foeksia de Miniheks' by Paul van Loon.

Producers: Johan Nijenhuis, Alain de Levita
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Screenwriter: Sander de Regt
Distribution: Walt Disney Pictures
Release: 6 October 2010

Awards: Gouden Film / Publieksprijs beste Nederlandse kinderfilm op Cinekid (2010) / Publieksprijs Z@PP Cinekidleeuw (2010) / Beste kinderfilm voor 6+ op het Giffoni International Film Festival, Italië (2011)