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Detective Ria

In this comic police series, we get to know Ellen Pieters in the role of detective Ria. She is a single mother of bright twins. She is an awkward and always fidgeting detective, but solves murder cases with her never-failing intuition.
Ria is a seemingly ordinary woman, which leads to her being underestimated by her surroundings, especially by cunning criminals. Due to this, she solves case after case. Ria’s life is complicated. She has recently divorced Jaap, who is also a colleague detective. Since the divorce, Ria has been trying to get her life back on the road as a single mother. Not an easy road, when you consider the fact that she has to raise two children and her work is all-encompassing.
Ria's colleague Martin tries to support her as much as possible, which is in contrast with detective Lydia. Lydia is a rational being, who lives by facts and numbers. Therefore, she is irritated by Ria and her unconventional way of working. But this is not the only reason.... 
Detective Ria is an adaption of the successful Spanish series Los Misterios de Laura, and continues the tradition of authentic detective series, such as Columbo and Murder She Wrote.


Detective Ria was broadcast in the Netherlands in the spring of 2014 by SBS6.

Producers: Johan Nijenhuis, Ingmar Menning
Directors: Johan Nijenhuis, Vincent Schuurman, Ruud Schuurman, Jan-Albert de Weerd
Screenwriters: Peter Römer, Ger Apeldoorn, Stan Lapinski