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Cuban Love

After her divorce, Loes has lost her faith in love. One telephone call from Cuba turns everything upside down: Maartje, her 20-year-old daughter, wants to marry the Cuban Carlos. Her daughter says it‘s true love. But what is true love? Loes no longer believes love exists. And also: Maartje is way too young to marry. So Loes travels to Cuba to convince her daughter to call of the wedding. But that backfires, and it results in a break between mother and daughter. Both will need to reassess their relationship, a challenge for any mother who has to let her daughter grow up.
On the exotic island, Loes meets the charming Juan... A Dutchman who settled in Cuba years ago. He shows Loes how to live and learns her to love again. Ex-husband Alex and his girlfriend Machteld also traveled to Cuba. It get complicated when Loes and Alex end up in bed after an evening of drinking. Is going back to the past such a good idea?
Loes discovers that you never know for sure what the future hold, or if someone loves you. And that the unknown makes love such an exciting adventure.

Producers: Johan Nijenhuis and Ingmar Menning
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Screenwriter: Annelou Verboon
Distribution: Entertainment One Benelux
Release: 14 February 2019