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Bennie Brat

This family adventure movie Bennie Brat is set in the thirties.

Benjamin Brat lives up to his name. He regularly causes havoc in his handmade pedal car. On the top of his wish list for Saint Nicholas is a brand new shiny pedal car, which he saw in the window of the toy store. Saint Nicholas is the Dutch variation to Santa and comes from Spain.

However, these are poverty stricken years and Bennie’s father decides to stay in Spain for a while longer to make some extra money. Now Bennie only has one wish left: for Saint to make sure his father comes home quickly so they can celebrate Saint Nicholas as a family, and unwrap presents together.

Soon however, Bennie finds out it’s not going to happen. He decides to go and get his father himself. He adds his own name to the list of ‘naughty children’ in the Large Book of Saint Nicholas. According to Dutch legend, ‘naughty children’ are taken back to Spain with Saint Nicholas. He hopes to be reunited with his father that way.


Producers: Johan Nijenhuis & Co, Farmhouse TV & Film
Director: Johan Nijenhuis
Screenwriters: Wijo Koek, Maarten Lebens, Pieter Bart Korthuis
Distribution: Independent Films
Release: 6 October 2011

Awards: Gouden Film / Openingsfilm International Filmfestival Vienna, Oostenrijk / Beste film op Bykov International Festival of Films for Children and Youth, Armenië