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Filmproductioncompany Johan Nijenhuis & Co
and televisionproducer JOCO Media

produce films and TV series for adults and children which are anchored in the Dutch culture. We focus on subjects that a wide audience can identify with, and subjects which have a high entertainment value.

We share office with Bing Film & TV and work closely with them. The three respective producers – Johan Nijenhuis, Ingmar Menning and Jan Albert de Weerd – are well attuned to one another and form a solid and professional team.


At Nijenhuis & Co, we have built a creative environment where every film and TV maker is challenged to bring out the best in him/herself. We like to develop ideas at a fast pace so that the energy in projects stays upbeat and adventurous. This is clearly visible in our films and series: They jump off the screen. It makes us proud to see that our productions are wildly popular in the Netherlands.

The addition of ‘& Co’ to our company name is characteristic: we collaborate intensively with our filmmakers. Producers Johan Nijenhuis and Ingmar Menning also contribute substantively to the development of concepts and ideas. In our vision, collaborating in a spirit of mutual trust with the creators is essential.

Would you like to present or pitch your idea? You can, provided that you have any experience within the film and/or TV sector and that the idea matches our vision. Ideas for Nijenhuis & Co can be sent to:
Ideas for JOCO Media can be sent to:
No rights or claims can be derived from the sent ideas.

Johan Nijenhuis, producent/regisseur

Johan Nijenhuis

Producer / Director

Johan Nijenhuis’s track record lists over 40 feature films and TV series. Halfway through high school, Nijenhuis travelled to LA as an exchange student, where he received training in journalism and film technique at the Birmingham High School. 
Nijenhuis has all the right intuition and talent for the stories and themes we all love to see. After the Amsterdam Filmacadamie, he directed, among others, Good Times, Bad Times, West Wind and ZOOP. His debut film was Costa! which was followed by Full Moon, Bennie Brat, Fuchsia the Mini Witch and Monkey Business. His feature films Loving Ibiza and Tuscan Wedding are among the greatest Dutch film hits of the recent years. 

Ingmar Menning, producent

Ingmar Menning


After having studied Economics, Ingmar learned the trade on set of Baantjer, Spangen and Good Times, Bad Times. He launched a new era with the children’s series ZOOP. Ingmar designed a production method which made it possible to produce affordable daily youth television. This method was used in 4 seasons of Van Jonge Leu en Oale Groond and in over 600 episodes of the successful youth series SpangaS. He created in foreign countries Zoop in Africa, Zoop in South America and SpangaS on Survival. During these productions, Ingmar had the overall responsibility from development of the script to the editing, as well as budgetary. Television series like Malaika, The Lion’s Den, Detective Ria, Trollie and The Swell and the feature films Skirt Day, Boys will be boys, Lucky in Love, Men from Mars and Cuban Love were produced under his responsibility in the recent years.

Daan Mollema

Executive Producer

Daan has worked for various distributors over the years. He knows like no other how to market a feature film or TV series and how to reach the right target audience. Since April 1st 2015, he is officially part of our team, growing from Marketing & Development Manager to Executive Producer.

Jo-Anneke Wikkerink, Assistent van de producenten

Jo-Anneke Wikkerink

Post-production Supervisor

Jo-Anneke Wikkerink has been working for Nijenhuis & Co and JOCO Media since the fall of 2011. From assistant she has grown to her current position, in which she coordinates the post-production, foreign film festivals and sales of the feature films and television shows.

Edith Huismans, Financiële administratie

Edith Huismans

Financial Administration

Edith / E-DID-IT administrations has been working for Nijenhuis & Co and JOCO Media as a freelancer since 2011. E-DID-IT is responsible for the daily, financial administration and project management of various TV series and films within this corporation.

Christy Faber

Administrative Assistant

After having performed administrative work for several years, both when self-employed and in employment, Christy Faber has been supporting our financial division as administrative assistant since November 2018. She processes the incoming invoices and performs many other administrative tasks.



Do you speak Dutch and do you want to do an internship at Johan Nijenhuis & Co? Send us your motivation letter and CV via and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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